Process of the 2017 Edition.

Stay tuned for more information on the 2019 Edition



  • BIO Europe 2017: full ticket including Partnering
  • BIO Europe 2017: 10 minutes presentation of the project
  • ETPN General Assembly 2017: 10 minutes presentation of the project
  • 1 year of ETPN’s free membership
  • a round of consulting by the experts of the ETPN Translation Advisory Board (TAB)

The winners of the 3rd Nanomedicine Award may also gain visibility in the biotech’s, pharma academics and financing areas (events, media coverage, networking, etc.)

Nanomedicine Award Process in 2017

A. Call for proposals opened April 1st, 2017 and ended October 1th, 2017

B. Notifications sent to applicants: 2nd, week of October 2017

C. Award ceremony the 7th, November 2017 at BIO-Europe Conference 2017 (Berlin)

  • Patrick BOISSEAU, PhD, Head of Business Development of Nanomedicine at CEA-Leti, Chairman of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine
  • Isabelle BUCKLE, PhD, Executive Vice President Technology transfer & Industrial Partnerships at Institut Pasteur
  • Anastasia KARPOVA, Equity Research Analyst in Life Sciences at Kempen & Co
  • Sinead KEOGH, PhD, Director Medtech & Engineering at Ibec
  • Pastora MARTINEZ SAMPER, PhD, Vice President for Globalization and Cooperation at University of Catalunia
  • Eric MAYES, PhD, CEO at Endomag
  • Bernd MUEHLENWEG, PhD, Chief Business Officer at Nanobiotix

About BIO-Europe

BIO-Europe is Europe’s largest partnering conference serving the global biotechnology industry. 

Delegates from all parts of the biotechnology value chain come to BIO-Europe to quickly identify, engage andenter into strategic relation ships that drive their businesses successfully forward. 

BIO-Europe conferences have produced many highly successful business partnerships

BIO-Europe Conference 2017 has been held at Berlin, 6-8 November 2017.

Apply until mid-August 2017