The Nanomedicine Award aims to honor the best international nanomedicine innovations. 

The next Nanomedicine Award edition will be held in 2019.

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The Nanomedicine Award aims to honor the best international nanomedicine innovations with two categories:

  • Most Promising Nanomedicine Project
  • Best Nanomedicine Product / Deal,

It is open to companies, academic and private researchers from Europe and beyond. 

If you are developing a solution based on Nanomedicine that could bring large benefits to patients, changing the way diseases are treated or diagnosed or could provide new tools for physicians, do not hesitate to apply!

Applications are reviewed by a panel of  highly-qualified nanomedicine, pharma, medtech and investors specialists. The 2017 jury list is available here.

The winners of the Nanomedicine Award 2017 are:

  • LIFNano Therapeutics (United Kingdom)
  • Aerogelex (Germany)

Find the Press Release here.